Words Have Power...

Words have power. Words have a context. Words could be understood differently, depending on people's background, psychological mood and depending also and more importantly on the 'encoder', what is their intent or the reason behind telling or producing such words. The 'decoder' is also taking part of the scenario. A message can be 'simple', but the decoder can change its nature and gives it another state different than the one it was meant for. Words travel between two points, point 'A' and point 'B'. This journey is called in the dialogue science 'transmission'. In fact, words can be transmitted correctly and, in this sense, deliver a vocal message that can have both a 'direct' or 'indirect' meaning. Words can have power, depending -as said earlier- the reception. Words can also lose part of their content during the transmission and become more powerful... The transmission is a factor of a great importance here... The environment has also an impact on the transmission. The environment is the 'area', 'condition' where words travel. Words can also have power depending on who is point 'A' and who is point 'B'. Are they from the same cultural background, same age, gender, etc.

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